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Dates fruits, grown on date palm trees, primarily flourish in hot and dry climates.


Date trees characteristically spread about 21–23 meters in height. The trees grow either singly or in a cluster with some other stems out of only one root system. Date fruits are cylindrical and are 3–7 cm long, with near an inch in diameter. Depending on the variety, the dates range from deep red to yellowish. The fruits taste sweet and contain nearly 75% of sugar content getting dried.


Due to its health benefits, it has been treated as a principal food of the people of Middle East and the Indus Valley for thousands of years.


It is estimated that a total of 8.5 million metric tons of dates are produced all through the world, basically North Africa and the Middle East, being the principal producing regions.


In current years, Iran is one of the major dates producing countries across the world, with yearly farming 900,000 approx. metric tons. Date palm is grown mostly in the regions of South, South West, and South East of Iran. Iran is the best place for trading this fruit. Dates fruit Exporters of Iran or the exporters from other countries consider the different types of Iranian dates as their principal agricultural products to deal with.

Important Iranian dates that are popular throughout the world are:

  • Kimia Dates (Bam Mazafati Dates)
  • Piarom Dates (Maryami dates)
  • Zahidi Dates (Zahedi Dates)
  • Rabbi Dates
  • Kabkab Dates
  • Kali Dates (another name is: Kaliteh and Kaloute date)
  • Barhi Dates (or Barhee Dates)

The quality of date fruits of Iran and their variety encouraged a lot of Dates fruit Exporters to deal with the Iranian dates are very much accepted by the people all over. So, it is their good opportunity and potentiality for trading this commodity. In the areas that are not prone to frost, the date palm grows well and has been the most important agricultural product for agriculture.


Who doesn’t know the benefits of dates? But Iranian Dates Benefits is somewhat different in respect of the ingredients they possess.


The dates of Iran are found in three groups depending on the moisture: Soft, dry, and semi-arid. Most of the variations that are acquired in the United States are belong to the semi-soft category. This type is available after their moisture content is faded out and it turns into fresh and dry dates.


The date ingredients can eliminate super-oxide free radicals like hydroxyl or proxyl which can be active at any moment to cause serious diseases. The potassium content in dates fruits is more than the other fruits like bananas.  Only 12 dates fruits afford 6%, sometimes more than, of the approved diet of adults.


Dates importing nations all over the world buy huge amounts of different types of Iranian dates. The reason for the great charm of Iranian dates is their high quality, realistic price, and perfect packaging.