Discover Why Alkaline Ph Food Is Recommended

November 24, 2022 , Dates Fruit, healthy, healthy food

Today, sexual impotence in men and women is one of the most common problems that, in addition to suffering from some mental illnesses such as depression, also causes divorce and separation or separation of couples from an emotional point of view (emotional divorce).

Having a proper diet can have beneficial and positive effects on sexual routine.


Male sperm enhancement potion


 Mix 1 banana with a quarter of a mango, 1 spoon of Trang flour, 50 grams of dark chocolate (we recommend using Trang chocolate flour), 3 walnuts, 3 dates and 1 spoon of Trang grape juice in a mixing bowl and every morning Eat on an empty stomach.


Sexual enhancement potion



Men’s waist strengthening potion


Mix and roast 50 grams of wheat, 50 grams of barley, 50 grams of roasted sesame and 50 grams of chickpeas with 1 cup of grape juice and eat 1 tablespoon daily. (click to buy grape juice online)



Potion to strengthen the sexual powers of Tarang




Potion for the treatment of sperm deficiency


Mix 100 grams of raw almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, cashews, cashew nuts with 50 grams of cinnamon, 25 grams of grated cardamom, and mix and consume with Trang grape juice or natural honey and Arde Trang. Use this concoction 3 tablespoons a day.