How to Get Your Hands on Asian Made Date Suppliers at Best Prices?

November 3, 2021 , Dates Fruit


The global demand for dates from both restaurants and everyday consumers is creating an increasing number of specialty dates retailers. In response to this demand, even established brands are jumping in the game. For instance, Thai Express and Sizzler are two of the most prominent rice retailers worldwide.

Sizzler has been making chocolate chip cookies and chocolates for decades, but only recently have they expanded into other food products. They currently offer a variety of salsas, dips, sauces and salad dressings. Their newer beverages include chocolate caramel and cappuccino. Chocolate caramel is infused with chili powder and Mexican vanilla flavors, while cappuccino contains vanilla extracts and other add-ons. All of their beverages are diabetic friendly due to sugar substitutes.

Thai Express is known for the quality of its rice noodles, and it also supplies other ingredients. Their peanut butter cookies are a hit in candy stores, and their chips are second only to Popcorn Dogs among American snack chips. As the demand for sweets increase globally, these two manufacturers decided to expand their product lines to include date fruits. They currently offer chocolate eclair cookies, brownie chips, Asian style mandarin oranges, cashew nuts, coconut cashew nuts, egg balls and trail mix.

A relatively new entrant in the Asian food scene, Thai’s offers a variety of dessert options, including ice cream, cake pops, milk shakes, ice cream sandwiches and puddings. They recently entered the frozen yogurt market, offering a frozen yogurt drink along with their ice cream treats. Their other offerings include Thai chicken curry, grilled beef and vegetable stir fry. They also supply Thai-style noodles and rice. Their website offers several recipe guides for cooking Thai foods.

One of the best Asian food manufacturers, Sunbeam, has established good relations with leading distributors, including dates suppliers. They offer an extensive selection of dates in their retail and wholesale markets, as well as in online stores. They regularly have well-stocked displays in various locations around the country. Their dates wholesalers provide free delivery on selected products to their retail partners.

Asian food retailers tend to have much higher prices than those for other types of food. Therefore, it is essential to get the best value for your money. When buying dates from an Asian manufacturer, you should check the quality of the dates. The date manufacturer should use premium quality raw materials to ensure that the dates do not crack when they are processed. You can also make price comparison by checking various discount deals offered by various date suppliers. Sometimes, Asian importers offer free shipment, additional discounts, and additional gifts with your order.